Paul Elliott » Vocals and Blues Harp

The orginal “Voice of Blue Train”, Paul started his musical journey at age 13, taking guitar lessons from Mrs. Martin who just happened to own a beautiful, rich-sounding Martin acoustic. After hour-long lessons, Paul and his companions would beg Mrs. Martin to play one of her many "folk" songs or songs that told a story.

Fueled by his fascination with the 1960’s British rock invasion, Paul formed and performed in a variety of bands through his high school years and, after a military commitment, Paul had the good fortune to hook up with jazz-rock great Michael Price. Price introduced Paul to players from Berklee and Julliard, essentially launching Paul’s career as a professional singer and songwriter. In the years that followed, he worked many gigs up and down the East Coast, performing with artists such as Toni Lynn Washington, Tony Allen, Nat Simpkins, Geoff Muldaur and Neil Buckley of Overdrive.

Paul also spent 12 years doing a regular gig with the band Backtrack at the King’s Grant Inn in Danvers. Backtrack was directed by Rich Dorato whose sister founded and later promoted Joey and Maria's Comedy Weddings.

Paul’s vocal style can be described as soulful and powerful, but also subtle, covering a wide dynamic range. He counts a diverse mix of performers among his influences as a vocalist, including Mick Jagger, Tom Petty, James Taylor, Ray Charles and Howlin’ Wolf.